Sonu sood becomes a lord of migrant workers

Sonu Sood become the ‘Lord’ of migrant workers in the Corona lockdown?

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood becomes the messiah of laborers

While the functioning of the lockdown across the country due to CoronaVirus has come to a standstill, the workers have been in a bad condition due to the lockdown, a truck and a train are reaching home to go to their homes. While the government is helping these laborers, the Bollywood stars are also coming forward to help the poor and laborers. Sonu Sood is also helping people openly.

For the past several days, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been helping them all possible to bring the trapped laborers home due to the lockdown. They are arranging for them from buses to food and drink.

© Sonu Sood Official Tweet

Actor Sonu Sood helping the Migrant workers in Lockdown 

Due to this move of Sonu Sood, he is getting praised everywhere and trending #sonusood at the top on Twitter. People are calling him the ‘Hero of Lockdown’.

In an interview given to news agency PTI a few days ago, he said that he is not seeing the suffering of the workers and he will try his best to bring them home.

Sonu Sood is contacting laborers who know their homes through Twitter and is promising to bring them home safely. In fact, a laborer living in Bihar said by tweeting that he has been traveling in the nearby police station for several days.

Those people live in Dharavi and so far no one has come forward to help them. Sonu Sood responded to this laborer’s tweet and wrote, “Brother stop circling and relax, drink water from your home in Bihar in two days, send details.”

sonu sood helping the migrant workers

© Sonu Sood Official Tweet

In another tweet at the same time, one person wrote, ‘Send it anywhere in East UP, you will go on foot from there.’ Sonu wrote in response to this tweet, “Why will you go on foot, send the number.”

One wrote for Sonu Sood, ‘One was Sushma Swaraj who brought two people trapped abroad to India and one is Sonu Sood who is sending laborers trapped in the country to their homes. For 24 hours, I am putting a photo of Sonu Sood on my profile to support him. Lots of love.’ Sonu replied on this tweet, ‘To install a profile picture in the heart for a lifetime, not for 24 hours.’

Sonu Sood said, “It has been a very emotional journey for me. I feel very sad to see the workers walking down the streets to my house. I will continue to help them get home till the last workers come from their family.” Get it.”

Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood become the ‘Lord’ of migrant workers

Actor sonu sood lord of the migrant workers

Sonu Sood, 46, has helped workers in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Karnataka to reach their homes.

Let us tell you that besides taking home to migrant laborers, Sonu Sood had also opened his hotels for Corona Warriors and was also feeding 45 thousand people every day. The manner in which Sonu Sood has come forward as a messiah in the hour of this crisis is indeed a clan appreciation.