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Corornavirus Crisis: will lockdown strict in India again?

Can a lockdown happen again? Can relaxation be eradicated? will lockdown strict in India again? These are questions that everyone wants to know the answers to.

But the picture is not clear, but becomes more blurred when people hear the warning of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. That the lockdown may have to be tightened again, when Rajasthan seals its border, when many states increase the lockdown Huh.

Will Maharashtra and other states do the lockdown strict? 

Uddhav Thackeray actually expressed his displeasure when a video of him getting busted. while boarding buses in Mumbai surfaced and said in Mumbai on Wednesday, “If people fail to follow the restrictions, the lockdown may have to continue in the state.”

However, some states including Maharashtra have announced to increase the lockdown till June 30. These include states like West Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Punjab, Mizoram.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India had also announced to continue the lockdown till 30 June in the areas where the container is located.

lockdown in india

The Ministry of Home Affairs announced on May 30, a day before the end of the fourth phase lockdown, to extend the nationwide lockdown to the country’s container zone by June 30, but at the same time said that in this phase the focus would be on unlocking in which the container would be out of the zone. Guidelines were issued to reopen the areas of.

The Home Ministry also said that now a lot of decisions have been left to the state governments.

He said in his order, “States will decide on activities outside the Containment Zone. Depending on the assessment of the situation, the States and Union Territories may prohibit selective activities outside the Containment Zone (Seal Zone) or on need basis. Can put such restrictions. ”

Rights in the hands of the states, Will lockdown strict or not?

Since then, different states have relaxed or restricted their restrictions.

In some states like Assam, it has been made mandatory for people coming from other states to go to the Institutional Quarantine, but in many other states it is not so.

Similarly, many states have imposed different restrictions on their border with neighboring states. Like the Delhi government had sealed the routes coming from the neighboring states, which was opened on June 8.

But the government of Haryana’s neighboring state of Haryana has said that if necessary, the border with Delhi will be sealed again. State Home and Health Minister Anil Vij has said that cases of infection are increasing in cities adjoining Delhi like Gurugram and Faridabad.

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On the other hand, the government of Rajasthan, another neighboring state of Delhi, decided to seal its border on Wednesday.

Whereas in the May 30 order of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was written, “There will be no restriction on the movement of persons and goods within the inter-state and the state. No separate permission / acceptance / e-permit for such movement should be taken separately.” Will happen.”

But it was also written in the order that the state governments can control the movement depending on the situation, but they have to give information about it. And Rajasthan did the same.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted, stating the reason for this, in which he said. “The inter-state movement and other activities are allowed under Unlock-1 and the state of the corona unexpectedly between June 1 and June 10 after the nearby system is over. More than 2500 positive cases have been reported, which is a matter of concern. ”

So on the one hand, where cases of corona infection are increasing very fast in the country, strict decisions are being taken by the states or such warnings are being given.

Will lockdown increase?

In such a situation, speculation has started as to whether the lockdown could become stricter again.

In view of the vulnerability of the situation, the Government of India Letter Information Office or PIB. Referring to a post being shared on social media, has denied that the lockdown can take place again in the country from June 15.

But it is interesting that even before the lockdown, the market of speculation was hot which the government described as baseless or fake, but the truth turned out to be something else.

For example, PIB had posted a post on 15 March, stating that an audio clip is being shared on WhatsApp, which is being told that there is going to be a lockdown in the country, but this is a fake claim.

A similar situation also happened with the statement made during the first lockdown of Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba. The cabinet secretary said on March 30 that the government had no intention of increasing the lockdown.


    Image sourse: ANIL VIJ MINISTER HARYANA@anilvijminister

But the lockdown has increased and not one, not two, has increased three times. It is currently the fifth round of lockdown.

The first round of lockdown started from 25 March The second from 15 April. The third from 4 May, the fourth from 18 May and the fifth from 1 June. However, it is also being called unlock-1 instead of lockdown-5.

Whether it will increase or not, it will be hard or not, only one thing is certain about it – that the answer to this question is uncertain.