Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi meet with CM on Video Conferencing may be discussed to increase Lockdown.

PM Modi’s meeting with Chief Minister today may be discuss to increase lockdown.

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading legs in India. The death toll from Coronavirus in the country reached 872. According to the latest data released on Monday by the Ministry of Health, so far 872 people have died due to Coronavirus in India. In contrast, the number of infected cases has increased to 27,892. At the same time, 1,396 new cases of Coronavirus have been report in the last 24 hours.


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And 48 people have died. However, it is a matter of some relief that so far, 6,185 patients have been cured of this disease. 381 people got cured in 24 hours. The recovery rate of patients has gone up to 22.17 %. Prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, and the lockdown was impose across the country. This lockdown will continue till May 3.

Coronavirus caught speed in Delhi.

On Sunday, 293 new cases of Coronavirus were reported in the country’s capital Delhi. The total number of infected people in Delhi has reached 2918 so far. It is a matter of relief that till now 877 have been cured of Coronavirus in the national capital Delhi. There has also been a decline in the recovery rate of patients in Delhi. The recovery rate fell to 30% as compared to 34% 2 days ago. No one died in Delhi today. 54 people have died in Delhi from Corona.

Maharashtra Coronavirus News Update :

In Maharashtra, the cases of Coronavirus infection are constantly increasing. According to Saturday’s data, the number of infected with this virus in the state has increased to 1761. In the last 24 hours, there have been 187 new cases in the state. Out of this, 138 cases have been reported in Mumbai alone. Maharashtra is the most affected state of Coronavirus in the country.

On the other hand, after the Chief Ministers’ meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. Uddhav Thackeray said that the lockdown in the state should continue till April 30. Announcing this, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that lockdown could be relaxed in some areas while it will be tightened in some areas.

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He also said that after April 30, the decision to remove the restrictions completely would be taken based on the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet with the Chief Ministers of the states today through video conferencing, amidst the ongoing Coronavirus crisis in the country. Prime Minister Modi will hold talks with the Chief Ministers tomorrow for the fourth time between the Coronavirus crisis and the lockdown.

Chief Ministers of at least 9 states can participate in video conferencing.

In the video conference to be held from 10 o’clock, a review of how to proceed with the lockdown, the plan after the lockdown is over and how it will be implemented in a phased manner.
There is also a possibility of discussion regarding the partial exemption given by the Chief Ministers during the lockdown in some areas from April 20, the status of the test kit, the safety of the doctors.

It is also expected from the states that they will also demand a financial package from the Center. Almost all the big nations have put their views in earlier meetings.

This time it is the turn of the Chief Ministers of Bihar, Odisha, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory of Puducherry. Chief Ministers of Meghalaya and Mizoram from the Northeast will also participate. Sources said that the Center wants to give all states – big or small – a chance to speak.


But unlike last time, when the extension of the lockdown was discussed, they would not need to put their demands in writing.

Let us know that in the first meeting held on March 20, 8 states gave their views on Coronavirus control. Upgrading of medical infrastructure and training of local health resources. After this, in the second meeting on April 2, about 8 states discussed the strategy of an exit plan for lockdown.

At the same time, in the third meeting of April 11, at least 13 Chief Ministers had asked to increase the lockdown.
It is known that Bihar and Odisha are among the states where the transmission rate is low. There are 11 active cases of Coronavirus in Meghalaya, so far only1 case in Mizoram.