Delhi government increased the price of liquor by 70%

In Delhi People used strange tricks to get alcohol in lock down, women also engaged in line.

Liquor shops in most parts of the country reopened after about 40 days on Monday and a huge crowd of people appeared on them. However, in some places, shops were closed again due to non-compliance of the rule of maintaining social distance.

Liquor shops opened in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka and a large number of people came to buy liquor. In some places in Karnataka, liquor enthusiasts celebrated the reopening of liquor shops. In Karnataka, people put up a great deal to get liquor.

Instead of standing in line, he kept the bottle, bag, helmet, slippers in place of standing. This is the view of Hubli city of Karnataka. Instead of standing in line in front of the liquor shop located on Gokul Road, he put his luggage at that place and started standing away and waiting for his turn. News agency ANI shared these pictures on Twitter

Seeing this jugaad, people were laughing and rolling. He made funny comments in the comments, his reactions are being well liked….

Delhi Government.

Pictures and videos of long queues outside liquor shops are becoming viral on social media. Due to this, concerns have not increased about social distancing.
In view of this, the Delhi government has imposed a special corona fee of 70% on liquor on Monday. But even after this, the crowd in front of the shops does not seem to decrease.

After giving some relief to the nationwide lockdown from Monday, the Delhi government decided to open liquor shops. After which it was decided to apply Corona fees in the evening.

Quoting sources, PTI has said that these new prices will be imposed on the MRP printed on the bottle of wine and will be applicable from Tuesday itself.

It is believed that the government has had to spend a lot of money in the lockdown imposed due to the corona virus and the government will get revenue from this step.

In many parts of the city, the shop was closed after a few hours of opening.

There was a lot of pressure from the state governments to open liquor shops as the bulk of the revenue of the states comes from the sale of liquor.

Other State

Today, some extraordinary scenes were witnessed in various parts of the country including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Lucknow and other cities. When a large number of not only men but some women also lined up before the liquor shops opened. At one shop, the first customer was welcomed with flower garlands, while in another shop, the customer was welcomed by bursting coconut.

Liquor shops will be able to open only with the permission of the collector: Gagarani

Special Correspondent, Mumbai

District collectors have the right to take all decisions during lockdown. Collectors may not give more concessions than the concessions given by the state government. But the concessions given can be reduced according to the situation. Under this right, the District Collector can take a decision about opening or not opening liquor shops in the district or opening non-essential items of non-life shops.

Bhubhan Gagrani, in-charge and principal secretary of the control room set up to control the coronavirus, gave this information in an online conversation with reporters on Monday.

No liquor sale in five districts

Five districts of Maharashtra, Solapur, Aurangabad, Jalna, Buldhana and Amravati district administration have decided not to open liquor shops. The Buldhana and Amravati administrations have also decided to continue the ban on the sale of liquor till May 17 and allow only the sale of essential goods. It has been decided to re-start the brewing factories and bottling in Aurangabad district.
But, liquor shops will open in rural areas. The Meera-Bhayander Manpa commissioner has also ordered not to open liquor shops in his area.

Gagrani clarified that liquor shops are not being allowed to be opened merely to increase revenue. If the liquor shops are not open, then the problem of courier liquor will arise. The practice of banned country liquor will increase. This will cause other problems. He said that the local body and the District Magistrate have to take a final decision regarding opening of liquor shops. If an officer does not give permission to open liquor shops, he will have to explain the reason to the government.

Government should reconsider: BJP

The BJP has demanded the Thackeray government to revisit the decision to reopen liquor shops in densely populated cities like Mumbai. Mumbai BJP General Secretary RU Singh says that the kind of lines the buyers are getting as soon as the liquor shops are opened, is frightening. Therefore liquor shops should be closed till lockdown i.e. 17 May.

Queues outside liquor shops

Niss, Meera-Bhayander: The most curious was the people who were waiting for the liquor shops to open. The rush to open the shop showed that many liquor shopkeepers had made circles 1–1 meters outside their shops in the night. In many areas, people were in queues since 6 am. Due to uncontrolled crowd outside liquor shops, the administration closed shops in a hurry.

Went to get liquor, & return after eating poles

Surendra Negi, Vasai

During the lockdown, liquor enthusiasts were troubled by rumors of liquor shops opening on Monday. Despite setting the line between sunlight and heat for hours. The liquor was not found, but the police had to stick. It is noteworthy that there is confusion among the traders regarding the opening of shops. In Vasai-Virar and rumor is being spread among the common people.

According to the information, all beer shops, liquor shops, bars and restaurants have been closed for the last one and a half months due to Corona virus and lockdown. On Sunday late night, a rumor spread in Vasai-Virar that liquor shops were to open on Monday morning. Long queues took place outside liquor shops in Vasai, Nalasopara and Virar since 6 am on Monday. Seeing the crowd of thousands gathered, it seemed as if the lockdown had opened.

At 10 am, the local police received information that lockdown and social distancing were being violated outside liquor shops. Police reached the spot and lathi-charged and removed the people. Shortly after going to the police, people again got back in line. People kept waiting for the shop to open till 5 pm amid scorching sun, heat and humidity. On not opening the shop, the drunkards returned home disappointed.

No alcohol, the day was spoiled

Nissan, Bhiwandi: There was a crowd of customers in front of the liquor shops since morning, but the wine lovers who bought the liquor at triple the price felt disappointed after standing in line for hours, when they could not find liquor.