This image is shown the people to leave mumbai to village due to of coronavirus pandemic

coronavirus cases in india: why is it not easy for India to stop corona infection ?

In the last 24 hour new coronavirus cases in india 5611 hikes

The Government of India said on Tuesday that a large number of buses will also be run along with special trains to send migrant workers home from the big cities. Due to the lockdown, the workers have nothing to eat and drink and they have come on the road. Disturbing pictures are coming out of the streets every day.

On the other hand, corona virus infection is also increasing rapidly in India. Many of those who are going back to their ancestral home from big cities have been found infected with the coronavirus. Lockdown has been in force in India since March and since then there is a crisis of keeping the workers alive.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that more special trains will be run to prevent the workers from walking. The number of corona infects in India crossed one lakh on Tuesday. This number is more than China even when it started there last year. Now there is growing concern that the migrant laborers going from Corona hotspots Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad to their homes in India will also carry the virus along with them.

Bihar’s top health officer Sanjay Kumar told the news agency Reuters that out of the total cases of infection with corona virus in Bihar since the beginning of May, 70 per cent are related to migrant laborers. According to the data of Odisha government, till Tuesday, 851 out of total 978 infection cases have been found in people from outside.


Government officials say that this is a big challenge for the administration. Since the beginning of the month of March in Ganjam district of Odisha, more than 53 thousand migrant workers have been investigated and quarantined. State health officials say that this month two lakh more migrant laborers will have to arrange for investigation and quarantine.

Coronavirus cases hikes in India

Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. On Wednesday, the total number of coronavirus infections has crossed 1.06 lakh. According to Health Ministry data, so far 3303 people have died due to coronavirus in the country while the number of infected has reached 1,06,750.


At the same time, 5611 new cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours and 140 people have died.

In the last 24 hours, the highest number of cases have been reported so far. However, it is a matter of relief that 42,298 patients have been able to beat Corona. The recovery rate has improved to 39.62 percent.

Coronavirus case in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, the worst affected by Corona, the number of infected people has reached beyond 37 thousand. On Tuesday, 2127 new cases of corona were reported in Maharashtra and 76 people died during this period. The total number of infected in Maharashtra has reached 37136. At the same time, the number of coronavirus patients increased to 22,563 after 1,411 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Mumbai. After the death of 43 people in Mumbai today, the number of people who lost their lives to this disease has reached 800.

So far 1206 police in Maharashtra have been infected with coronavirus.

people are going to village

In the last 24 hours, 66 policemen from Maharashtra Police have been found infected with coronavirus. With this, a total of 1,206 policemen have been infected with Corona. Of these, 283 policemen have been discharged, while 10 have also died.

Coronavirus case in Mumbai

Patients continue to grow in Maharashtra battling the corona virus. On Friday, 933 new cases of corona were reported in Mumbai. Apart from this, 24 people died of corona in Mumbai on Friday. The total number of corona patients in Mumbai alone has exceeded 17 thousand. There have been a total of 29,100 cases in the entire state.

According to BMC figures, the total corona cases in Mumbai have increased to 17 thousand 512. So far, a total of 655 patients in Mumbai have lost their lives due to corona. According to BMC data, a total of 4658 patients have also been discharged in Mumbai after treatment on Friday.