India vs China war, not hindi chini bhai-bhai, It is time to say hindi chini bye-bye

India vs China war | Not hindi chini bhai bhai | hindi chini bye bye

With the violent clash of forces in eastern Ladakh between India and China, it has been decided to teach China a lesson. China continued to talk two-sided as usual until two days after the military violence in eastern Ladakh on 15–16 June. On one side, the dragon praying for peace, on the other side, claimed the Galvan valley. After losing 20 of its jawans.

India Vs China War

India has now decided that if China tries to move forward with tact, it will have to pay the price. A top official said this to our associate newspaper Times of India that now India’s peacekeeping policy for border management has changed and China People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has an option to leave whenever it wants. It is done.

The anger of the people of the country is increasing with regard to the cowardly actions by Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. Protests against China are continuing in the whole country. People are boycott Chinese goods and removing Chinese goods from their homes and burning their Holi.

The protesting people say that if the Indian Army will face the Chinese army at the border, then people from all over the country stand to support the army by boycotting Chinese goods and they will teach China a lesson by not buying the goods.

Angry in the country over China’s actions (Not Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai)

There is anger in the country on China’s actions. Demonstrations were held in many cities including Delhi, Mumbai. A boycott of Chinese goods was also announced. China was opposed in Mumbai. Holika of Chinese goods was burnt. People appealed for boycott of Chinese goods. China was opposed in Hubli, Karnataka.

He expressed anger by tearing down the photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping. In Dehradun, people burnt the photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Appealed for boycott of Chinese goods and demanded a befitting reply to China.

Not hindi chini bhai bhai, It's time to say Hindi chini Bye bye

The effigy of the President of China was burnt in UP’s Kanpur. Announced to boycott the same as China. Burning candles and paid tribute to the martyrs. In Kolkata, BJP workers opposed China. Broke the goods made in China. Burned the pictures of the President of China.

The government had instructed BSNL not to use equipment made by any Chinese companies for upgrading 4G systems. According to sources, the Ministry of Communications said that the tender should be issued afresh.

The Ministry of Communications will also direct BSNL as well as private telecom companies to reduce their dependence on Chinese companies. According to government sources, questions have been raised about the security of network of equipment of Chinese companies.

Three forces alert

Military preparations have intensified on the border of Tibet adjacent to Uttarakhand. Army personnel with ITBP are frozen on the outskirts. Aerial Reiki of border areas is being done. Chamoli district administration has provided 3 months ration to the people living in the border areas.

Air force airbases have also been asked to be prepared. Indian Navy has increased petrol in the sea. The army is also on high alert in Jammu and Kashmir on the Line of Control adjacent to Pakistan.

Railways canceled contract worth Rs 470 crore to China company

After the India-China border dispute, the debate on boycott of Chinese goods is started. If the decision to boycott was taken at the level of the Government of India, then the Chinese companies could suffer a lot due to the railways. Meanwhile,.

The dedicated freight corridor has canceled a 4-year-old contract worth Rs 471 crore from the Chinese company citing lack of work.

These trains running on the tracks have a lot of foreign goods and most of the goods are imported from China. Some European countries also have goods but China has left everyone behind. Every year seven to eight thousand railway coaches are made in India.

The air spring in the component used in the coach is between two wheels and the cost of four air spring in each coach is up to four lakh rupees. Also,

  • The cost of 1 controlling system for air spring in every coach is Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • A brake equipment in a coach costs Rs 15-20 lakh.
  • Raw light of LED lights, switches and fire proofing electric cables cost 10-15 lakhs per coach.
  • Raw material of poly urithane foam used in sheet and berth is about 3-4 lakhs in a coach.

In the same way, a contract of $ 1 crore 83 lakh 55 thousand 152 with three Chinese companies can also pose a threat to the axles in the wheels of the train. The agreement for 6000 LHB axles was $ 44 lakh 70 thousand in the month of May this year, which is to be delivered by October.

Similarly, a contract with another Chinese company for 4000 LHB axles for 30 lakh 40 thousand 152 dollars was signed in March this year and full delivery is scheduled in three months. 15 million broad gauge axles deal for 18 million 45 thousand dollars.

In October last year, the entire consignment was to be delivered to India in 7 months, but due to Corona, the matter is stuck.

War and trade cannot go together ( It’s time to say Hindi Chini Bye Bye)

Swadeshi Jagran Manch’s national co-convener Ashwini Mahajan told NDTV today that “war and trade cannot go on simultaneously.” The Indian government should consider breaking all kinds of economic relations with China.

Ashwini Mahajan said that “Import, Chinese investment, Chinese companies should not be given contracts in the infrastructure sector”. Chinese app download should be stopped, government should not allow any Chinese app.

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch official said, “We request the Urban Development Minister Hardeep Puri that the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Transport System project should not be given to Chinese companies. This project is very sensitive.

It is worth mentioning that in the recent clash between the two armies on the Line of Actual Control of India China in Ladakh, 20 Indian Army soldiers lost their lives. The clash occurred after the Chinese army tried to prove its authority by forcibly entering Indian territory. After this incident, China’s opposition in India has started intensifying.