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Google shared his doodle said thank you doctor, teacher, police and whoever is helping people

COVID-19 Tips: Google requested people to stay at home by making doodles.

Tech company Google has been making doodles for a long time thanking Corona Fighters. Now Google has made another doodle in this episode, through which people have appealed to stay in the house till lockdown. Also, the Google company has said that it is very important to stay home and make social distance at this time. Let me tell you that due to Covid-19 in India, there is a lockdown. At the same time, along with the Government of India, the general public is also making a significant contribution in preventing this virus.

You will get information on clicking on Google Doodle.

As soon as users click on this new doodle of Google, they will get hand washing tips related to Coronavirus. Apart from this, users will get the latest information related to CoronaVirus statistics, Coronavirus Guidelines and CoronaVirus.

Google’s special doodle.

Google has been building Doodle for a long time supporting the ongoing fight against Coronavirus and thanking Corona Warriors. For this, the company had made a complete series. At the same time, today Google has inspired people to stay at home through Doodle.

Tech Company Google also said that at this time it is important for people to stay at home and maintain social distancing. As soon as users click on this doodle, they will be redirected to a page where they will have been given Coronavirus Tips.


Google Doodle stay home
Google Doodle Stay Home Stay Safe

Google has given this doodle as an animation. In this, the word G is reading the book, O is singing the song and the other O is playing the guitar. At the same time, the word G is busy on the phone, L is doing workouts at home and E is talking on the phone. Google’s doodle shows that the Coronavirus can be prevented by staying at home.

When you click on this Google Doodle, you will be taken to the page of Coronavirus Tips. Stay at home. Must have written Save lives. Also, instructions will be given to follow some steps.

Google Doodle Tips.

  • Stay at home.
  • Keep distance from each other.
  • Keep washing hands
  • Place a handkerchief over the mouth while coughing.
  • Call the helpline in sickness.

Google makes Doodle for Coronavirus helpers, says- Thank You

For the past one week, Google has been thanking people who are working tirelessly and non-stop between Coronavirus with some very good doodles. In this link, on Sunday, Doodle shared by Google, thanked all those people who are working non-stop and tired to save the lives of all the people locked out of their homes every day.

Google has made this doodle for these people who are risking their lives and coming out of their homes for daily important tasks. Google includes healthcare workers, sanitation workers, farmers, food service workers, police officers, firemen, people helping with public transport, packing, shipping and delivery people, including those who feed the needy. We are going out of our homes everyday. 

Google Doodle says thank you corona helper
Google Doodle Thank you CoronaVirus Helpers

Earlier, in the doodles that Google had shared, it had thanked the people involved in all the essential services separately, but now in this doodle, Google has taken care that no outgoing people will remain for any necessary service.

Salute to Google Teachers, Make Doodle and say- Thank You

Google Doodle: In the battle to end the outbreak of Coronavirus, everyone is trying their level and coming out to help each other. Tech Google is also encouraging these Corona Warriors through their doodles and speaking them beautifully. Google has thanked all the teachers through its doodles, which are teaching students even in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, so that the students do not suffer the loss of their studies.

Tech Company Google has called teachers and childcare workers through interesting animated doodle design thanks. In today’s Google doodle, the last letter of GOOGLE ‘E’ has been given as Teacher, which is conducting online class for students. A heart is also visible above GOOGLE.

Google say thank you teacher
Google Doodle Thank You Teachers and Childcare Workers

According to the Google doodle note, “Covid-19 is engulfing people from all over the world. In this way people are coming forward and helping each other.  Google To honor such people who work in the frontline. So we are starting a Google doodle series. We want to call all teachers and childcare works thank you. “

Google honored doctors with the help of Doodle

Tech Google Thank You Coronavirus Helpers, Google’s latest doodle, created by search engine giants to thank all health workers fighting the battle against COVID-19. Google Doodle is dedicated to all doctors, nurses and medical staff. For this, Google has changed the word ‘e’. Apart from this, a link is given below the search bar, which takes you to the YouTube video of Google India.

In which people are seen thanking the medical staff and their service. The new Google Doodle is part of the company’s ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ campaign.

Today’s doodle of Google is seen wearing a dress like Google’s ‘e’ doctor. Clicking on this doodle opens the ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ search. Also under this doodle search bar you will find ‘To all doctors, nurses, and medical workers, thank you’

Google had also informed about this upcoming doodle in its blog post last week.

Google Doodle Thank you Doctor
Google Doodle Thank you Doctors Nurses & Medical Workers

Let me tell you, today’s Google Doodle of India was shown in other countries on April 7. The Google Doodle CoronaVirus campaign began April 6, thanking public health workers and researchers. ‘Thank You: Emergency services workers’ was introduced on 8 April,

Thank You: Custodial and sanitation workers on 9 April and Thank You: Farmworkers and farmers doodles on 10 April. At the same time, on April 13, Thank You: Grocery workers Google Doodle has been given.

Google Doodle Thank you food service
Google Doodle Thank you Food Service Workers

Google Doodle: Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis taught hands to wash, Google remembers

Google through its Google Doodle Ignaz is honoring Semmelweis. It is directly related to the coronavirus that is spreading across the world at this time. Doctor Ignaz inspired people to wash their hands and this is particularly appropriate in the current situation. Doctor Ignaz was the first to discover the therapeutic benefits of hand washing.

There is a play button in the doodle, by clicking on it a short video plays. This video explains how you should wash your hands and for how long. There is a worldwide outbreak of CoronaVirus at the moment and it is growing rapidly over time. In such a situation, it is a good move to motivate Google to wash their hands.

Many diseases can be avoided to a large extent by washing hands periodically. The first person to find out this information was Ignaz Semmelweis. Google has created a doodle, which takes users directly to a video of the World Health Organization (WHO) YouTube channel. 

Google is always in the headlines because of its doodle. Google often offers doodles on festivals, historical events and birthdays and death anniversaries of important people.