freddy daruwala father tests positive for coronavirus

Force2 actor Freddy Daruwala father tests positive for Covid19

Bollywood Actor Freddy Daruwala’s father test Positive for CoronaVirus

Coronavirus has caused have all over the world. Millions of people have died from this virus worldwide and more people are infected by this epidemic. Bollywood is also not untouched by the corona virus. The father of Bollywood’s famous actor Freddy Daruwala also turned out to be Corona positive after which BMC has sealed Freddy’s house.

According to a news published in, the actor has told in an interview that his father has turned out to be Corona positive, after which the doctors have advised him for isolation.

Freddy Daruwala said,

My father was showing symptoms like fever and body ache. We felt this was a seasonal feature that we took very lightly. Seeing the fever rising, we got him examined, after which he turned out to be corona positive, doctors have advised him for home isolation.

Freddy’s father is 67 years old. The actor further said, ‘Our bungalow has a lot of rooms so that we will not face any problem in home isolation.’ The BMC has installed a quarantine board outside Daruwala’s bungalow and sanitized the premises before sealing it.

Let me tell you, Freddy Daruwala was seen in the movie ‘Holiday is a Soldier is Never Off Duty’ in the year 2014. Freddy’s strong role was also seen in Akshay Kumar’s film. Apart from Holiday, Freddy Daruwala has also appeared in films like Commando 2, Race 3 and Force 2.

CoronaVirus Cases in India

Significantly, more than 70 thousand cases of corona virus have been reported in India. At the same time, about two thousand people have also died due to this infected disease. The government is also planning to increase the lockdown due to CoronaVirus in the coming days with the new rules. It has to be seen now that whom this disease catches.

Global Covid19 Case

The corona epidemic continues to spread in the world. So far, over 43 lakh people in the world have been infected with the virus while 2,90597 people have lost their lives. While the death toll in the US has crossed 82,000, the total number of infected people in the world has reached 43,11,914.