this picture is show an elephant died in kerala

Pregnant elephant died in kerala 2020

In kerala Pregnant elephant died, Death by eating explosive-filled pineapples has raised serious questions on humanity.

Pregnant elephant waiting for death since past three days standing in water

The death of a pregnant elephant eating explosive-laden pineapple in the state of Kerala in South India has raised serious questions on humanity.

It is suspected that some mischievous elements fed elephant an explosive-laden pineapple. This is another story of the fall of humanity in the conflict between humans and animals.

According to forest department officials, elephant must have been 14-15 years old.

After being injured, she was in so much pain that she stood in the Veliyar river for three days and all attempts to provide medical help to her failed.

During this, elephant mouth and trunk remained under water.

Samuel Wacha of Wildlife Warden of Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad told BBC Hindi, ‘We have not found the place where she was injured. She was drinking only water, maybe it is giving her some relief. His entire jaw was severely injured on both sides. His teeth were also broken.

Forest officer Sunil Kumar of Mannarkad area of ​​Pallakad district told the BBC. ‘The elephant was found by forest department officials on 25 May when it wandered to a nearby farm. Perhaps it wanted something for its unborn baby She was

found forest team elephant died

This incident of elephant’s injuries came to the public’s attention when Mohan Krishnan, a forest officer of the Rapid Response Team, wrote a passionate post about it on Facebook.

He wrote in his post that elephant escaped from a village after being injured but did not hurt anyone.

Posting elephant’s pictures on Facebook, she wrote that she was full of goodness.

They say that elephant’s pain has not been incarcerated in the photographs.

At the same time, Sunil Kumar says that the forest department made efforts to get the elephant out of the river with the help of elephants, but it did not budge. The forest department was making efforts to get the elephant operation done by the veterinarians.

Ultimately, elephant died on 27 May while standing in the river. When her body was taken for post-mortem, it was found out that she was pregnant.

Pregnant elephant died in kerala

in kerala Pregnant elephant died

Krishna wrote in her post, ‘The doctor who did the post-mortem told me that she was not alone. I could understand the doctor’s pain, though his face was hidden in a mask. We burnt the pyre there and cremated it. We bowed our heads in front of him and paid our last respects.

At the same time, Samuel Pachau says that a case has been registered in this regard and efforts are being made to identify the people responsible for elephant’s death.

In Nilambur forest area, conflict between animals and humans is not new. This forest area is connected to four more forest areas of Mallapuram and Palakkad districts of Kerala.

Pachau says, “In the past, there have been cases of conflict between people and animals, but this is the first time an elephant has been injured by such explosives.”