Ek thi begum web series review

Ek Thi Begum Review:

Another series of 14 episodes of Mumbai crime’s Daastan Shukti is released on April 8 2020, Ek Thi Begum MX Player. In a world of crime where big aces and kings are full, in front of which all the tricks are useless. A Begum beats everyone there. Who is this Begum after all? One has to see the bag to know.

The story begins with the gang warfare of two opposing groups, Nana and Zaheer, when Zaheer rebels against Don Maqsood living in Dubai and forms a separate gang. Zaheer catches consignment of several drugs of Maqsood to stop drugs business in Mumbai.

An accident occurs during one such incident. In this incident Nana’s brother Raghu is accidentally killed by Zaheer. This story grew rapidly in the cases of drugs, criminal business, conspiracies and murders etc. from the maternal grandfather who works in Mumbai for Maqsood.

After this, whatever happens, creates turmoil in the lives of many people connected with the world of crime, which this series presents in a very reliable way. The story is not limited to conflicts between gangsters, but also describes the alliances between criminals, policemen and the ruckus between politicians and journalists.


Calling the main plot of ‘Ek Thi Begum’ a game of cards, this is the story of a ‘Begum’ named Ashraf in the game of domination between aces, kings and slaves. This ‘Begum’ coming into the world of violence and crime due to the circumstances, turns this story into a story of revenge for a woman in the world of crime.

What did you like

The characters in Ek thi Begum are strong and the main reason for this is the strong background story of every important character.

Artists like Anuja Sathe, Ankit Mohan, Chinmay Mandlekar, Rajendra Sisatkar, Resham, Abhijeet Chavan, Pradeep Doifode, Vitthal Kale, Nazar Khan, Vijay Nikam, Anil Nagarkar, Suchit Jadhav, Raju Athawale and Santosh Juvekar have done their roles well. Be it emotional scenes or action scenes.

The talk of ‘Ek Thi Begum‘ would be incomplete if the language of the series is not talked about. Writer and director Sachin Darekar does not seem to be hesitating or avoiding any kind of language.

The formality of the language of the government departments, the language spoken in the houses or the violence of the criminals speaking with the story. Language is offensive throughout the series, but it does not look artificial.

Sometimes the selection of the location attracts attention and seems to be accurate. The effort made on costume, hairstyle, location, sets and vehicles to bring the feeling of the 1980s era to the series is also clearly visible.

Where is the deficiency

There are some ups and downs in this series, but the story is good and will not bore you anywhere. Of course, this story is about the struggle of a woman, so do not think that you will not be able to see the beat and blood in it.

The story like this story of Mirzapur and Sacred Gums also makes us feel somewhere, How a woman beats the underworld don

In the end, I will say the same, if you have not seen this series so far, then surely you will like it once.