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Coronavirus Updates India: In 24 hour another record of coronavirus infection broken

The number of corona infected in the country has increased to 6 lakh 73 thousand 947. On Saturday, a record 24018 patients increased and 14 thousand 327 were cured. According to, 7074 positives were found in Maharashtra. More than 2 lakh patients died in the state, while 8671 people have died.

The difference of infects between India and Russia is 611 left. We will leave Russia behind today to come in third place in terms of patients. Currently, America is first and Brazil is in second place. After these two countries, the highest number of new cases of infections are coming to India every day.

Coronavirus Updates in India:

America ranks first and Brazil ranks second among the most corona-affected countries in the world. 6 lakh 74 thousand 515 cases in Russia, which is only 611 more than India; 10 thousand 20 deaths in Russia so far. 19 thousand 279 deaths due to corona in the country so far, Maharashtra has the highest death of 8671.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday tweeted, “The number of patients hospitalized in the capital is steadily decreasing. More and more people are recovering at home. Last week, 2300 patients appeared daily. 9900 beds are still empty in hospitals.

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Full lockdown is being seen today in Kulbargi, Karnataka. The state government has announced complete lockdown on all Sundays till August 2 across the state.
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) today informed that 97 lakh 89 thousand 66 tests have been done till July 4. On Saturday, 2 lakh 48 thousand 934 sample tests were done in one day.

The Union Health Ministry released its figures on Sunday. According to this, 24 thousand 850 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours and 613 died. With this the total number of patients in the country increased to 6 lakh 73 thousand 165. Of these, 2 lakh 44 thousand 814 are active patients. At the same time, 4 lakh 9 thousand 83 people have been cured. At the same time, 19 thousand 268 people have died so far.

Coronavirus Updates India of 5 states: 

Coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh:

On Saturday, 307 new patients appeared and 5 died. There were 51 positive cases in Bhopal, 34 in Indore, 78 positive cases in Morena. The number of infected in the state has increased to 14 thousand 604, out of which 2772 are active cases. So far 398 people have died from Corona.

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Coronavirus in Maharashtra:

On Saturday, 7074 were found infected and 295 people died. 1163 cases were reported in Mumbai, 2199 in Thane and 1502 in Pune. The number of infected in the state has increased to 2 lakh 64, out of which 83 thousand 295 are active cases. 8671 have lost their lives so far from Corona. 31 prisoners and 3 security personnel were found positive in state jails. Women and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur has written a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, demanding work from home for pregnant healthworkers.

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Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh:

757 new patients came on Saturday and 24 died. There were 77 positive cases in Gautam Budhnagar (Noida), 86 in Ghaziabad and 80 in Lucknow. The number of infected in the state has increased to 26 thousand 554, out of which 7627 are active cases. So far 773 people have died from Corona.

Coronavirus in Rajasthan:

480 new patients came on Saturday and 7 died. There were 40 positive cases in Jaipur, 42 in Jalore and 39 in Dholpur. The number of infected in the state has gone up to 19 thousand 532, out of which 3445 are active cases. So far 447 people have died from Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus in Bihar:

On Saturday, 349 infected were found and 4 people died. There were 24 cases in Patna, 53 in Saharsa and 44 in Muzaffarpur. The number of infected in the state has gone up to 11 thousand 457, out of which 2881 are active cases. So far 88 have lost their lives from Corona.

Coronavirus in India: Another record of corona infection broken

  • Every day a new record of corona infection is being formed in India and the previous record is being broken.
  • According to the government data released on Sunday morning, 24,850 new cases of corona infection were reported in the country in the last 24 hours.
  • With this, the total number of corona infected in the country has increased to 673,165.
  • Of these, there are 244,814 active cases while 409,082 people recover after getting infected.
  • But in the last 24 hours 613 people have also died in the country due to Corona epidemic. The epidemic has killed 19,628 people in India so far.

  • According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the number of infected in the most affected state of Maharashtra in the country has exceeded two lakhs.
  • The total number of coronas infected in Maharashtra is 200,064 while 8671 people have died in the state due to this epidemic.
  • The total number of corona infects in Tamil Nadu is 107,001 and 1450 people in the state have lost their lives due to the disease.
  • Corona infection cases are nearing one lakh in Delhi. At present, the total number of infected people is 97,200 while the death toll has reached 3004.
  • The Indian Council of Medical Research said on Sunday that as of July 4, 97,89,066 samples had been corona tested in the country, in which only 248,934 samples were tested on Saturday.

Coronavirus live updates news in India:

Relief from lockdown in Chennai

Lockdown waiver has been announced from 6 July in Chennai. Shops will be open from 6 am to 6 pm for vegetables and other essential items. Clothing and hardware shops will be open from 10 am to 6 pm and restaurants from 6 pm to 9 pm. The Chief Minister announced this.

Changes in dose of ramdesvir

The Union Health Ministry on Saturday has changed the dose of the anti-viral drug ramdesvir. Its dose has been reduced to five days instead of the first six days in the mild phase of the disease. The ministry has released its new clinical protocol.

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According to the new rule

The first day dose of this drug, given as an injection, should be 200 mg and subsequently four days daily for 100 mg (five days in total). On June 13, the Union Health Ministry had given permission to give the patient a remade of medication during emergency under limited use.

3 states scared of Gujarat and infection

due to the ever increasing cases of corona in Ahmedabad and Surat The governments of Bengal, Odisha and Chhattisgarh are also fearful. That is why they want that trains coming through Ahmedabad, Surat do not come in their state. This will also increase the risk of infection in these states.

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11 thousand ventilators were made in the country

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that 11 thousand 300 ventilators have been made in the country so far. Of these, 6154 ventilators have been handed over to hospitals. At the same time, 1.02 lakh oxygen cylinders have been supplied throughout the country.

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Nearly 3 months after the lockdown, Delhi’s Jama Masjid was opened to the public today. Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari said that the mosque will remain open from 9 am to 10 pm. During this, social distancing will be followed.