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Today latest news update on CoronaVirus Cases in India

Latest Update of CoronaVirus Cases In INDIA. 

Today update of Coronavirus diseases:- Covid-19 cases in India rise above 23,402 plus and its still increasing the condition is very challenging for the people,government and doctors,police and so on.

If you want to see real time Coronavirus infected number of cases as a city wise,state wise so then you have to download government base App ‘Aarogya Setu‘ please click and download app now.

Four Figure state of Coronavirus cases In INDIA which is the most infected state in INDIA.

StateCoronaVirus Cases
Maharashtra 6430
Delhi 2367
Tamil Nadu 1683
Madhya Pradesh1699
Uttar Pradesh1510

Apart from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi, the other provinces most affected according to the dead are Madhya Pradesh (83), Telangana (24), 

Andhra Pradesh (27), Uttar Pradesh (24), Punjab (16), Karnataka (17), Tamil Nadu (20),Rajasthan (27), West Bengal (15), Jammu and Kashmir (5), Kerala (3), 

Jharkhand (3), Haryana (3) and Bihar (2). Meghalaya, Odisha, Assam, Himachal Pradesh have also reported one death.

As Per latest good news is that Goa and Manipur are free from CoronaVirus Diseases. 

CoronaVirus Cases in the World.

Across the world, the total number of coronavirus cases : 26,38024 plus, And across the world, the total number of coronavirus death cases are 185,156 plus.

Most infected Country wise result Of CoronaVirus Cases :

CountryCoronaVirus CasesTotal Death
Spain 213,02422,157
France157,135 21,889
Germany 151,285 5,367
United Kingdom139,246 18,791
Turkey 101,790 2,491
Iran 87,026 5,481
China 83,878 4,636
Russia 68,622 615

Knowing the differences of CoronaVirus :

Please note Down the differences:

  1. Dry cough + Sneeze = Air Pollution
  2. Cough + Mucus + Sneeze + Runny Nose = Common Cold
  3. Cough + Mucus + Sneeze + Runny Nose + Body Ache + Weakness + Light Fever = Flu
  4. Dry Cough + Sneeze + Body Pain + Weakness + High Fever + Difficulty Breathing = “Coronavirus” 


CoronaVirus Symptoms

Symptoms of CoronaVirus

Pathology Department AIIMS, Delhi

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