Corona crisis: Actor kiran kumar tests positive for coronavirus

In India, the number of people infected with coronavirus epidemic has increased to more than 1 lakh 25 thousand. According to the Ministry of Health, 1 lakh 25 thousand 101 people have been infected with coronavirus infection in the country so far, out of which 3 thousand 720 people have died.

At present, 69 thousand 597 people are suffering from corona epidemic, while a total of 51 thousand 783 patients who are fully healthy after treatment have been discharged from the hospital.

Actor Kiran Kumar coronavirus test positive

The entertainment world has also not remained untouched by this disease. After Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, now Bollywood veteran actor Kiran Kumar has also fallen prey to this disease. Let me tell you, there were no symptoms of this disease in Kiran Kumar, according to the news. He was absolutely right. He had neither fever nor cough. Even he was not having trouble breathing. Despite this, his corona has been found positive.

Kiran Kumar is in isolation at his home

At the same time, Kiran is in isolation in his house and soon he is going to do his test again. Let me tell you, before this, Kanika Kapoor had corona virus, but now she has completely recovered. Kanika was admitted to a hospital in Lucknow for several weeks.

Actor Kiran Kumar is in home quarantine for 10 days

In a statement to PTI, the actor said- ‘I was fine and I didn’t have any symptoms. On 14 May, went to the hospital for medical checkup. Where coronavirus test was necessary. So I also got myself tested and the result came positive .. But I did not have any symptoms of corona at that time and neither are now. There is no fever, no cold. I’m fine and I’ve quarantined myself home.

‘The medical test was done 10 days ago and so far no symptoms have been seen. My family lives in the second floor and Right now I am living on the third floor. I will have my second test on 26 or 27 May. Well, I am healthy now.

Kiran Kumar has worked in these films

Let me tell you, Kiran Kumar is a known name of Bollywood. He started his film career in the 60s. Love in Simla was his first film. After this, criminal, Mr. Romeo, Rais, Kulvadhu, merchants of death, law of nature, murderer, Ganga in your country, black market, friend, stone flowers, blood debt, henna, God witness, Bol Radha Bol, this is it Jalwa, because I do not lie, have worked in many films including Dhadak, Marry Me, Bobbi Jasoos, Akashwani.

At the same time, Kiran Kumar has a great name on the TV Serial. Prior to this, Kiran Kumar has worked in the ‘Ye un dino ki baat hai’, and this serial became very popular.