Betaal Series Review English

Producer – Patrick Graham

Cast – Vineet Kumar, Ahana Kumra, Jitendra Joshi, Suchitra Pillai

Mumbai: Bani Betal is a web Series in Shah Rukh Khan’s producer Red Chile, whose fans have been waiting for a long time! it was released on Netflix! By the way, it was engulfed in controversies! But the Bombay High Court cleared the way and finally the car was done! Talk about the importance before seeing this!

Betaal Series Review In English

4 Episodes of full web series

We get to see that there are more than 6 episodes in Web Series! Just like there is a web series running Turkish artugal gazi which has more than 70 episodes in the first season! And every game in the same Game of Thrones It have 10 episodes! Betaal has only 4 episodes and that too for only 45 minutes!

How is the story known?

Let me tell you that if you want to see this web Series, then you can also watch it for free in YouTube for the first 7 minutes! In this, it has been told that earlier settlers opposed the British in earlier times. The British want to break a body, but in that bridge there is a sorrow! It was first accused of theft

By the way, this web Series has been in a lot of controversy, this web series has been accused of script theft! Mir Wadekar and Mahesh Goswami had demanded a ban on it and claimed to have made ‘Betaal’ a Marathi film and the authors had it copyrighted in the Delhi Copyright Office in 2015. The petition also claimed that the script was also registered with the Screenwriters Association in March 2018. He said that he also had the producer with the story of Film but did not meet him.