Korean skin care routine is on trend these days.

Top 10 best korean skin care tips

Korean women are known worldwide for their impeccable, sparkling and glowing skin. Please tell that Korean women are very conscious about their beauty. She follows special beauty tips to maintain her beauty, due to which there is always glow on her skin. Let us tell you some of the beauty secrets associated with their beauty, with the help of which you too can get glowing and flawless skin following them. And nowadays it is becoming popular in India too. So let’s know some tips related to this.

Can we massage your face after applying oil in Korean skin care 10 step?

Korean skin care routine is on trend these days. You must have heard many times that people are buying Korean skin care products or they have adopted Korean skin care routine. You may have also heard about the glass skin that has a very clear, shining mirror-like glowing skin that does not even know its age. Such skin attracts us a lot.

I have gradually started adopting Korean skin care tips and in the coming time I will also tell you about my experience, but for the present time, let’s talk about some special tips that can make your skin even more attractive and youthful. People often do in Korea.

1. Multiple step clanging

These skin care tips certainly pay a lot of attention to skin cleansing. You may clean the skin once or if you clean it with a cleansing milk or toner, but Korean Skin Care Technique says that you use oil-based products so that the oil gets rid of the face. Yes, you will find oil in most of Korea’s facewash, cleansing milk, toner etc. They remove facial oil, as well as do not allow it to be extra dry.

korean skin care routine


2. Water Base Face Wash

We have been hearing since childhood that ‘iron cuts iron’, something similar with Korean skin care products. If you want to remove facial oil, oil based product and if you want to remove dirt from water, then water base product. This is another way of Korean skin care i.e. using water base face wash.

korean water type skin care face wash

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin is also very important in Korean skin care method. In this way you can remove all the dirt from the skin. While scrubbing, keep in mind that you have to use a scrub mild and not a hard scrub.

multiple types of korean skin care tips

4. Facial Massage

Korean massage steps are very basic so that you can correct the blood circulation of your face. Body massages are also like this. How you apply your daily cream in Korean massage is also decided. To apply the cream, how you will tap on the face and how to apply it in a comfortable way, for this you will have to learn some steps of face massage.

It is very important to improve the skin tone and look young. It is done by massaging upwards on the cheeks, near the eyes, near the eyes. After this, do not forget to massage the throat.

korea facial massage

5. Moisturize

As soon as you clean your skin, make sure to moisturize it. Only then cream, lotion and serum will have the greatest effect. Because it will easily go inside your skin. Remember, it is very important to massage and moisturize the throat.

korean gial face Moisturize

6. Vitamin C

You may be aware of the benefits of eating vitamin C skin products and vitamin C rich fruits etc. Vitamin C is used a lot in Korean skin care routines. You will find many products rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can use them comfortably. You can also apply face pack containing vitamin C or any fruit directly on the face.

Remember, do not forget the throat here too. This also ends skin wrinkles. You can take serum or apply lemon juice mixed with water on the face. But do not do any treatment related to vitamin C before going out.

korean women to use healthy food

7. Ginseng

It is Korea’s top medicine and is also used in skin care products there. It is thus used to eliminate skin wrinkles. You can do this by using Ginseng tea for your skin care. Take a T-bag containing ginsing and put it in very hot water. Allow the water to cool and then apply it on your face with the help of cotton. This will help eliminate skin wrinkles.

Best korean skincare tips and routine for normal skin

Hot towel massage

Korean women like to take hot towel massages to preserve their beauty. This increases blood circulation of the skin and brings glow on the face.

Use of mens shaving form

She uses mens shaving form when there are problems like pimples and acne. Keep it on the face for 5 to 10 minutes and wash your face with water. Do this 1-2 times a week.

Salt tonic use

Korean women use a salt tonic to enhance facial toning. To make it, clean the face by mixing 1 tablespoon salt in a glass of water. This creates new cells in the skin and brings glow on the face. Do not use if your skin is damaged.

Use of lemon juice

Girls from Korea use lemon juice for the rest of the body, apart from the face.

Double cleansing

The women of this country cleanse the face at least 2 times, due to which the particles of pollution on the face are cleaned. For this, you can use an oil-based cleanser. If you have oily skin, clean the mecups from the T-zone.

Snail slime

Not only Korean actress but ordinary women also take snail slimming therapy to maintain their beauty. It reduces the acne, enhances the glow of the skin. Also, the skin gets tight and blood circulation increases.

Slapping mask

She mostly uses beauty products that are alcohol and strong chemicals free. She drinks plenty of water for glowing skin. This is not only good for the body, but water is also very beneficial for the skin. Korean women love face mist so much so that they always keep it with them.

Hydration, Healthy Eating and Beauty Slip

They believe that beauty slip is very important for better skin. In addition, she eats healthy food and completely avoids sodium elements in the food.

Method of toning

Korean women apply toner by taping it with their fingers. They believe that it absorbs the skin quickly.

Facial massage

While doing facial massage, she chants ‘Ma Me Me Mo Moo’ Korean mantra 10 times, to put pressure on facial issues. She also takes deep breaths during facial massage, so that her face gets tight.