Full Review of ASUR web series watch during Lockdown

ASUR Web Series full Review:

Misdemeanor is the first reaction of human society when their beliefs are attacked. Then even if that blow is for their own interest. Because the limited knowledge of ordinary man does not let him see beyond himself. Be it human life, architecture or new ideas. The sprinkling of new life in the universe is born from the ashes of old ruins. Teardrop, blood, anguish, despair. An ordinary person can become invincible by walking on this path. Because the age of thoughts is more than human life.

Listening to this monologue of the web series ‘Asur’, you may remember a monologue of ‘We for Vendetta’


Also, the kind of Hindi that has been used in this dialog, you may also remember ‘Tumbad’.

‘Asur’. Full name- ‘Asur: Welcome to your dark side’. A web series of eight episodes. Streaming on OTT (streaming platform) named ‘Voot Select’. Each episode is about a quarter of an hour. Except the last one, which is a little over an hour.

It is written by Gaurav Shukla, Vinay Chawla and Niren Bhatt. Oni Sen has directed.

Cast of Asur Series:

Story of Asur web series:

The story is woven around three characters.

1) 15 years ago,

The child of a Pandit of Benares, Shubh. Whom his father calls ‘Asur’. Mourns Because once his mother is born, his mother dies. Secondly, he is not born in the constellation that his father expected. Although the IQ of this child is very fast, but it grows up to become a serial killer. The first is due to its ‘trebled past’ and at the same time it has created a unique ideology by reading scriptures, Vedas.

The child of a Pandit of Benares, Shubh. Whom his father calls ‘Asur’

2) Nikhil Nair,

Who used to work in the forensic team of CBI, but now teaches in America. It has to come back to India. Because there is someone who is calling it back to India. Weaving a trap.

Nikhil Nair Forensic team of CBI

3) Dr. Dhananjay Rajput,

Who is at the top post in the forensic team of CBI. But in the very first episode, his wife, Sandhya, gets to jail for the charge of murder.

Dr. Dhananjay Rajput Senior Forensic team of CBI

The audience knows only the childhood of ‘Asur’, the main villain of the story. Now, that is, who is this ‘Asur’ growing up, this is the suspense of the story. There are other questions also–

Asur series Question:

  • What is the connection between Asur, Nikhil and Doctor Dhananjay Rajput?
  • Why is Asur killing them, killing them? What is the pattern? What is the motive?
  • Is anyone around the demon? Team member? Relative?
  • Has Dr. Dhananjay Rajput killed the evening? And if it is not done, then who did it?

And lastly, what is the past of these three lead characters, which not only are due to serial murder but also connect them personally.

While finding these questions, most of the time, the script of this web series stays two steps ahead of the audience. And even if you like some suspense, it is also because the creators of the series want this.

In Asur Web Series, What is good, what is bad –

Let us tell you some of the observations while watching this series in points-

 The first few scenes and episodes of ‘Asur’ are full of ‘Cliche’. Like a husband-wife fight, give up everything to fulfill the dream. During this it also seems a bit boring. But the wait brings color and by the second third episode your situation becomes that ‘you have to wake up after seeing the whole.’

Had read somewhere:

The stronger a villain of a work is, the stronger it is.

Perhaps those who wrote ‘Asur’ would have known this. Such as ‘Thanos’ or ‘Joker’ to their writers while making. That’s why you can remember ‘Joker’ by looking at its villain. The disgusting clown of ‘The Dark Knight’ who burns all his earnings.

 There is a sequence in ‘Asur’, where three people are locked in a room and given the option to kill each other to stay alive. Looking at this scene, you will again remember that scene of ‘The Dark Knight’,

Where the Joker gives the option that only one of the two ships will be able to survive, whose captors will first blow the other ship. However, surprisingly, the result in ‘Asur’ is completely different from ‘The Dark Knight’.

Interestingly, the series talks about ‘Law of Karma’ in many places, but does not take the load of being moral or justified in its climax. And like this, even if suspense is omitted, there is a unique sea ending. You can also call this ending to be a cliffhanger of the next season of this series, but in many ways it is also complete in itself. Like some bread pit movie ‘Seven’. (Minus justice)

And because of all these things, even the name of the last episode, ‘And is the Beginning’ seems quite accurate.

This not-so-ethical point of view gives both heroes a gray shade, making them real. Like, where Doctor Dhananjay Rajput makes fake documents to punish a criminal. At the same time, Nikhil’s character becomes the weapon of the villain’s hand for the sake of his family.

We will do some discs at least negatively, but this thing is not negative, it is another good thing in this series. That even if you find this series inspired by a thriller movie / novel, then it will definitely be associated with some of the best thrillers. Like its twisted philosophy can remind you of Anurag Kashyap’s movie ‘No Smoking’, Kidar Sharma’s ‘Chitralekha’ or Hollywood Sci-Fi ‘Matrix’. Without a spoiler, the villain’s ‘singular to plural’ reminds me of the fight club members in the ‘Fight Club’ movie –


Forensic science has also been shown to be like science. Completely different from CID serial. Forensic science is a big plus of ‘Asur’ and a lot of research seems to have been done in this department.

Some of the best things of ‘Asur’ include the acting of the characters. You should also see the ‘no nonsense’ look of Arshad Warsi in ‘Munna Bhai’ comedy, followed by ‘Dhamaal’ and ‘Pagalpanti’. You would think that the guy is versatile.

Naina Nair wife of nikhil Nair

Acting Barun Sobti has also done well, but his character is a bit depressing. Dal There is a surprise element, Sharib Hashmi. In the character of Lolark Dubey. His character is neither ‘Nonsense’ like Arshad Warsi’s character, nor depressing like Barun Sobti. A little bit of humor has also come into his account. Child artist Special Bansal is also influenced in the role of Shubh. So much that he might not have any shortage of work in Bollywood anymore. Amy Wagh has also emerged well in her character.

The rest are also professional actors, who have done their job better.

ASUR  Background 

The background music is very good and has the ability to give the series a suspense and thriller template.

Talking about the biggest problem of the script, it is not clear whether the murder is being done for revenge or due to Villain’s ‘Twisted Philosophy’.

In many places, the character of Dr. Dhananjay Rajput relies on instinct in exchange for science, logic or evidence, which is not acceptable. Especially when he is in a high position in the CBI and a doctor is installed behind his name.

There are no answers to some things, such as – Why was the finger of every murderer cut off? You can forgive this mistake because maybe its second season comes, but even then there is no development in this direction.

Nusrat Saeed Forensic team of CBI

Reverse engineering. That is, some things appear to be written in reverse order. Explain by example-

For example, If the author of this series has to show that there is something common in the horoscope of those who are killed. So how can the author, the investigative characters, get the idea of ​​seeing the horoscope of all the killed people.

Then no matter how impossible plot has to be created for it. Then even if you see a lot of rings, the characters get this idea.

The saying goes that you cannot have knowledge of the vastness of God because your mind is limited. The same thing applies with the auspicious ‘Asur’. If the writer has made his IQ so much, then the IQ of the writer should be more than that, otherwise this character will make big mistakes. Like in one place it says Asur auspicious-

“You have to choose between your family and my religion”.

Whereas in the words of Asur, family and religion were in the same court.

So, said something like this should have gone-

“If you have to choose your family, then you have to choose my religion as well”.

Think, the villain is so vicious and has a high IQ that he goes to a difficult place and kills him. Traps a person living abroad. But despite all this, the idea of ​​killing demands the second character.

The story is very much ‘male dominated’. Naina is the wife of the lead and in the main plot, her role is only to break a firewall security and fill it up with a report. The rest of his time is to be angry with Nikhil. Naina is played by Anupriya Goenka.

The same is also the case with Nusrat Saeed, who works in the CBI, who appears to be a ‘girlfriend’ and shares his old lover on social media. This character Riddhi Dogra has played. Then, at one time, she is made the head of the team investing in serial killing, yet she appears somewhere in the background. Mostly.

Both of them have good acting. We also discussed them separately so that this matter could be promoted. Because while reviewing, this thing kept knocking us.

In story development, narration seems to be given more value than action. This became the biggest drawback of an audio visual content. Darshan in this series has also been injected through narration.

Welcome to your Dark Side

Finally Asur Series.

Despite all the above criticisms, there is no hesitation in saying that ‘Asur’ is one of the best web series made in Hindi. Also, the criticisms that we have made above, also emerge only after giving too much hard marking to this series.

Therefore, in the end, we will say that if you have or are not interested in the web series, but have not missed the series like ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Mirzapur’, then ‘Asur’ also will not be missed.