the picture is shown akshay kumar donate hand band to mumbai police and say thank you dil se

Akshay kumar donate 1000 wrist band to corona warriors | mumbai police

Akshay Kumar has donate wrist band to the Mumbai Police

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has been at the forefront of helping corona warriors and daily wage earners since the corona virus spread. The actor has once again come forward to help the Mumbai Police.

Akshay Kumar has donated around 1000 wrist bands with sensors to the Mumbai Police to help them detect the corona virus symptoms at the right time. The brand, GOQii, has developed wrist bands with sensors that can enable a person to detect CoronaVirus symptoms.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who is the brand ambassador of GOQii brand, Akshay Kumar has now donated around 1000 wrist bands with sensors to the Mumbai Police to detect the symptoms of CoronaVirus. The Mumbai Police, which is at the forefront of the fight against CoronaVirus, will be one of the first organizations in the world to be able to track CoronaVirus symptoms and take necessary precautions.

Wrist bands will help Mumbai Police detect CoronaVirus Symptoms

The wrist bands that Akshay Kumar has donated to the Mumbai Police will keep an eye on important elements like heart rate, blood pressure and sleep as well as check calorie as well as step count. Akshay Kumar has allegedly donated these wrist bands to the Mumbai Police to enable them to detect all CoronaVirus symptoms on time and to isolate, prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

The wristband donated by Akshay Kumar will enable Mumbai Police and others to keep a check on the temperature of suspected police personnel without coming into human contact with any doctor or nurse, thus reducing their risk as well.

The brand in which Akshay Kumar is the chief ambassador for the initiative also spoke about the wristband. The CEO of the brand, Vishal Gondal, revealed that Akshay Kumar has taken the initiative to donate these bands to create a preventive ecosystem that will result in better health outcomes.

Akshay Kumar forefront

According to media reports, the censored wrist bands that Akshay Kumar has distributed to the Mumbai Police may also be donated to schools, hospitals, insurance companies, banks and food delivery services in the near future. Allegedly, wrist bands donated by Akshay Kumar are available only to frontline and essential workers during this time of crisis.

Akshay Kumar has been actively providing help and support during the CoronaVirus epidemic. Earlier, he donated Rs 25 crore to PM Modi’s Cares Fund and then again donated Rs 3 crore to BMC for PPE kits and other equipment. He also praised the tireless service of the Mumbai Police with a video and urged fans to salute the Corona warriors.